Andrew Lewis Campbell

User Experience & Design

About Andrew

I am a Manchester-based UX Designer, currently working on Children's products at the BBC. I'm self-taught and an advocate of learning by breaking things. Luckily I also have a soft spot for theory, lectures & geeking out on design-oriented reading.

When I'm not scrawling on post-it notes, I enjoy exploring RWD and some basic front-end development.

If I'm not behind a screen you'll find me in the mountains where I like to climb, walk and ride my bike.

Work Samples


Live Projects That I Have Worked On

CBeebies Storytime

Work on the UX and design of a new release of the exceedingly popular CBeebies Storytime app. Great team and great Agile processes in place. More details to come after launch.

CBBC The Dumping Ground App

I was the UX lead for the BBC on this project that was designed and built by creative agency Somethin' Else. I worked alongside the agency as a UX consultant and resource, whilst also tackling the accessibility issues that are inherent with Unity development. I also facilitated formal user testing and analyis throughout the development cycle.

For a year and a half I was creative lead for the official Manchester United online store. I worked closely with the club, Nike and retail partner Kitbag on managing creative output. In this time we scaled from one English language version of the site, up to 8 languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We implemented numerous rounds of UI updates based on extensive user-testing and research collected both in-house and via external contractors, and constantly monitored the performance of communications in order to make measurable improvements to user-experience and customer journeys.

I worked with the NBA's team in NY on the visual design and UI of their new European store. I also worked closely with the NBA to lay down style guides for store communications both pre and post-launch.

Experiments in Front-End Development & Design

Trunk on Toast

A little off-canvas prototype adapted from Trunk.js, with a simple grid system added in the form of Toast.css.

Scratch-Built WP Theme

My first crack at building a Wordpress theme from scratch. It's a work in progress, and devoid of content, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got into PHP. I used a course from the awesome Treehouse to help me along the way. I took advantage of the awesome Responsive Nav by Viljami Salminen.

Jekyll + Github

One of my aims recently has to become more adept with version control so that I can contribute a little more to open-source projects. I locked myself away with a Treehouse course on GIT and spent some quality time with the command line! GIT still confuses me a little(LOADS), but I'm getting there. I have a static site generated with Jekyll that I pushed up to a repo and I managed to fork a new theme for it before branching out to make some changes.

Educational Space Scroller

An experiment with Skrollr.js and illustrations by @jenjenrobot. I've recently been exploring CSS transforms, animations, and some basic JS to build interactive learning experiences for children.

Contact Andrew

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project, chat about design, or go for a bike ride!

I make a new personal site most weeks! This particluar one is built on Bootstrap with help from the Grayscale theme by StartBootstrap. You can fork it from Github here. Fonts used are Lora and the omnipresent Montserrat. Styles made easier with LESS. Coded in ST2. Yesterday's home-brewed, minimal site can be viewed here.